The AK Group .llc of Companies / Elliot Search Engine

elliot! Search engine, a multi-purpose search engine created in Algeria in 2012 with simple as prototype combine all search engines in one place which make elliot the first gateway search engine in the world. built with a HTML/CSS, based 69% JavaScript/ jQuery / Ajax and Google API via Google CSE Service “Custom Search engine” as main business associate.

We use Query tenneling technology to teleport search queries from our end to end in result page in google, bing, Yandex, Bing, Ask or other engines, it also allow to get instant access to documents : DOC/X, PDF, PPT/X or Torrents, Live video streaming and movies, as possile to search for jobs.

Features & Roadmap:

  • All-in-One search engines gateway
  • Fast Access to search results
  • Safe for Kids search engine
  • Easy to use with mouse hover

  • Elliot Features:
  • 5 Web engines
  • 5 Video engines
  • Documents Search
  • Search in Social network
  • Search for torrents
  • search in blogs
  • 3 jobs engine

  • Browser Project...