The AK Group of Companies
CIT Investing

CIT Investing specialized in financial markets and related Softwares and Technologies, Web IT Consulting

CIT Investing is a leading technology division of Phenix Technologies for research and development of trading algorithms, development of trading systems and indicators, automated trading systems, control software and deal management applications for trading platforms in the forex, commodities and corporate stocks markets.

We use machine learning systems & data mining and historical data, to analyze the performance of strategies and trading algorithms effectiveness in short time.

CLASS IN BUSINESS : Computer Science Division

Our successful mission include projects in:

  • GA: Genetic Algorithmic trading rules researchs
  • Machine learning and data mining for trading strategies
  • Robustness tests / Overfitting protection
  • Walk-Forward Optimization and Matrix
  • IT and software Consulting Service
  • Charting and Market Analysis Systems
  • Building Sophisticated Trading system & Alogrithmic
  • Developement in MetaTrader 4/5, Tradestation, MultiCharts
  • Brokerage, Partnership, Auditing
  • Beta-test labs for systems


  • Best Partner of Exness in Algeria / Dubai 2016
  • Guest of Exness / Dubai Event 2019