The AK Group .llc of Companies / CIT Investing

CIT Investing specialized in financial markets and related softwares and technologies.

CIT Investing is a leading technological service in its field, we provide sophisticated Algorithmic trading for Forex & Stocks, CFDs , we serve the high quality charting systems and scripts for automatic and semi-automatic trading, and stand-allone application for desktop, as we provide consulting services for companies and brokers, by providing advanced software back-end solutions and intelligent transparncy mechanisms, We also provide a consulting audit of performance of servers, data centers according to the geographical area of the traders.

Our successful mission include projects in:

  • IT and software Consulting Service
  • Charting and Market Analysis Systems
  • Sophisticated Sripts & Auto Trading system
  • Metatrader Developer MQL4/5 programming
  • MultiCharts Algo Trading
  • Ninjatrader Algo Trading
  • Brokerage & Partnership
  • Beta-test labs for platforms
  • Brokers Auditors

For start-ups, we work with management teams in the initial incubation and investment phase by providing funding, business management support and guidance as they move into fully fledged companies in their own right. From there, we continue to create many technologies to ensure the company is on track to achieve its objectives and potential. This continues until the time is right to close the loop.

If you are interested in discussing a potential investment opportunity or partnership in financial market technologies, white-labeling with the CIT Investing, please contact us at: