AK Group of Companies has a philosophy of entrepreneurship. We specialise in incubating & Branding, developing and managing a diverse portfolio of start-up businesses and successful companies. 

This Business was originally founded by Abes Khalid as AK Group , in Algeria, During 9 Years since 2010. His aim was to build a professional, innovative & personalised direct sales and marketing business, Saas Business models and E-Commerce

By the early 2014 the company had expanded business to than a dozen projects after creating our own web hosting firm, We had well and truly achieved firsts objectives.

Over the next years, AK Group diversified into many other business areas such Travel, eCommerce field and now we provide many business, softwares, services with unique identity and in 2016, Phenix Technologies was born as Legal IT Consulting Company & Legal Copyright Representive.

All Business & marketing activity was deligated Under technical care and legal protection of PHENIX TECHNOLOGIES, today, remains a global leader in the industry, operating business in 9 countries and recognised to provide service in +225 countries.

Meanwhile, the addition and development of many other successful businesses within the AK Group family – including Santranico, Flysera, Vasyfly – one of the biggest project for the next decade, and all resulted in what is known today as The AK Group of Companies.

We are working based on Remote & Distributed tasks with private developers and freelancers, Our family may be diverse, but we are united once new idea need to see light and illuminate.